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24 Hour Movie Marathon III: Days of Movies

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
24 Hour Movie Marathon III: Days of Movies
  • English

In April 2014, Luke Ryan and his fiancee Connie Witzøe completed the third annual 24 Hour Movie Marathon. The challenge was laid out on YouTube in 2012 from Ryan Chattaway, and every year since Luke has taken part, but this time Connie joins him every step of the way. Spread out over three days, the two watch fourteen movies and talk about all of them, with lots of random discussion along the way. Cooking tacos, sleeping under bridges, getting lost in silent movie land, running thousands of miles in the wrong direction, drinking milk a month out of date, and more! 24 Hour Movie Marathon III has something for everyone, or as Forkerball might've once said: "nothing for anyone."

24 Hour Movie Marathon III: Days of Movies
  • English
Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan Director, Writer...
Connie Witzøe
Connie Witzøe Director of photography
Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan Himself
Forkerball Himself
Sean McClean
Sean McClean Zaranyzerak

Production Companies

No Stairway! Productions