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21 Below

  • 0 10
  • 2009
  • Nonemin
21 Below
  • English

On learning that her infant niece, Maya, is dying of a rare disease, newly pregnant Sharon decides she must return home to Buffalo, N.Y., to help out -- but instead, she steps into a hornet's nest of family turmoil. While Maya deteriorates, another crisis erupts when Karen -- Maya's mother -- becomes pregnant with the child of a former gang member in this cinema verité-style portrait of a family on the brink.

21 Below
  • English
Samantha Buck
Samantha Buck Director
Zeke Farrow
Zeke Farrow Associate Producer, Writer
Jenny Maguire
Jenny Maguire Producer
Peter Salett
Peter Salett Original Music Composer
Robbie Stauder
Robbie Stauder Director of Photography