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2 Stroke Cold Smoke 10: Crushin It

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  • 2007
  • Nonemin

2 Stroke Cold Smoke X The tenth film in the 2 Stroke snowmobile videos series. This is a must have. The best Film to date by Frontier Films. For Ten years Frontier Films has been working with some of the best riders in the world. 10 is no exception. Featuring Ross Mercers World Distance Record Jump! The deepest powder of the winter from Canada to Alaska. Rob Alford dropping Cliffs and powder descents that will give you the chills. Nothing but solid snowmobile riding by the craziest most talented riders in the world. Starring; Dan Phillips, Cody Borchers, Geoff Kyle, Ross Mercer, Christoph von Alvensleben, Randy Sherman, Kyle Armbrust and many more. Sections from the X-games where Chris Burandt takes gold, Sweden, Alaska, British Columbia and more secret spots! Shot on 16mm film, HD and DV. Running time approximately 45 minutes with lots of bonus features Fun for the whole family.