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2 Degrees

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
2 Degrees

2 Degrees is about nothing less than the fight for the health of the planet we call home. The abstract idea of climate change is explored through the weaving of real and emotional journeys an audience can relate to. Our characters battle to mitigate the potential disasters of climate change and fight for climate justice, for it will be the developing world that bears the brunt of our profligacy and short sightedness. While An Inconvenient Truth alerted us to the problems facing the earth, 2 Degrees is the gripping and vital fight for a solution.

2 Degrees
Jeff Canin
Jeff Canin Producer, Director
Vanessa Gorman
Vanessa Gorman Assistant Director
Conan Fitzpatrick
Conan Fitzpatrick Assistant Director, Director of photography
Pele Safra
Pele Safra Assistant Director
Ange Palmer
Ange Palmer Producer
Damian Beebe
Damian Beebe Director of photography
Mick O'Regan
Mick O'Regan Narrator

Production Companies

Green Turtle Film