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1990 FIA Formula One World Championship Season Review

  • 8.5 10
  • 1990
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The 1990 Formula 1 season was the last time Senna and Prost would have such an intense battle for a championship. In '91 Prost was nowhere near. In '93 Senna was nowhere near. That first corner accident at Suzuka is one of the defining moments in all of motorsport history, and it wasn't just the title challengers providing the sparks. Mansell's brilliant move on Berger in Mexico is an example, as was Piquet's battle with Mansell in Australia. 1990 was also the season that the pathetic Life team tried to enter. However, the video fails to mention the fact that the team could only manage a 7 minute lap around Imola (that's over 5 and a half minutes off the pace!) in prequalifying, and also the fact that they had a 350bhp engine, compared to the 700+ used by nearly everyone else. The season wasn't without it's accidents. We don't get to see Martin Donnelly's accident in his Lotus in Spain, however team mate Derek Warwick has a cracking smash at Monza.