149th And Grand Concourse

  • 8.5 10
  • 2017
  • 3min
149th And Grand Concourse
  • Original Title: 149th and Grand Concourse (2017)

This funny animation takes us through the diverse voices that make up the Bronx through the music and the street objects of this iconic neighborhood of New York.

149th And Grand Concourse

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Sardina Film Festival/ Best Director. Animacine

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Film Columbia/ Internationales Leipziger Festival Fur Dokmentar -Und Animationsfilm/ Lanús Festival Internacional de Cine/ Athens Animfest/ Schweinfurter Kurzfilmtage/ Animated Movies Festival/ Athens Digital Arts Festival/ International Film Festival For Kids and Youth Cinema in Sneakers/ Jum Thorpe Independent Film Festival/ Huesca International Film Festival/ Oderkurz Filmspektakel/ Openeyes Filmfest/ Ariano International Film Festival/ Lenolafilmfestival Inventa un Film/ Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt/ Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival/ Arouca Film Festival/ Beacon Independent Film Festival/ Cyborg Film Festival/ International Digital Film Festival/ Girona Film Festival/ Bangkok Thai International Film Festivaloctober/ Viewfinders - Atlantic Film Festival for Youth/ Unabhangige Filmfest Osnabruck/ San José International Film Awards/ Festival Du Cinéma International En Abitibi/ International Short Film Festival Winterhur/ Filmkreis Shorts Event/ International Frontale Filmfestival/ Birmingham Film Festival/ London International Animation Festival/ Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival/ Silver Screen for Short Films/ Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike Film Festival/ German United Film Festival/ Seasons Film Festival/ Brussels Independent Film Festival/ Providence Children's Film Festival/ Lisbon International Kids Film Festival/ Festival D'Un Jour/ Filmfest Dresden/ Ozark Foothills Film Festival/ Independence Film Festival/ Sydney World Film Festival/ International Short Film Festival/ Nashville Film Festival/ Still Voices Short Film Festival/ Annual We Like'em Short Film Festival

149th And Grand Concourse. The voices of the Bronx in an animated short film

In this funny animated short, whether it is salsa, hip hop, cumbia, a pop or rock song, the different voices of the Bronx express themselves through music and the objects that go unnoticed in a well-known intersection of this iconic neighborhood of New York.

Carolyn London
Carolyn London Director
Andy London
Andy London Directing

Production Companies

London Squared Productions

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