100 Years of Australian Football

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  • 1996
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100 Years of Australian Football
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Based on the book published the same year, 100 Years of Australian Football explores the 100 year past of Australia's national game. Covering the history of the Victorian/Australian Football League covering the period 1897 to 1996, the documentary is an exhilarating chronicle, including lively reporting and analysis of the big issues and stirring accounts of the legendary players, teams and coaches.

Neil Kearney
Neil Kearney Writer, Producer
Noel Jones
Noel Jones Camera Operator
Dean Shiel
Dean Shiel Editor
David Barham
David Barham Producer
Jack Dyer
Jack Dyer Himself
Kevin Sheedy
Kevin Sheedy Himself
Lou Richards
Lou Richards Himself
Graham Dow
Graham Dow Narrator