What you didn't know about The 2024 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

Feb. 1, 2024


As the Oscar season rolls around, the film industry's spotlight turns to a category that, while not as publicized as its feature-length counterparts, is equally potent in its storytelling prowess: the short film. This year's nominees for the 2024 Oscars have brought a fascinating array of narratives, each compact yet profound, showcasing the incredible talent and diverse perspectives filmmakers bring to the cinematic table. Platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Guidedoc have become pivotal in bringing these gems closer to the audience, allowing these stories to resonate beyond the traditional film festival circuits. Whether it's a gripping docu, an emotionally charged docudrama, or an innovative docuseries, the short film format continues to be a canvas for creative freedom and experimentation.


In an era dominated by binge-watching and sprawling series, the significance of short films remains undiminished. These concise narratives are not just movie "snippets" but are complete stories told with precision, often leaving a lasting impact that belies their brief runtime. From documentary shorts shedding light on critical issues to animated tales capturing the imagination, short films are a testament to the adage that great things come in small packages. They serve as a vital platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their vision and for established directors to return to their creative roots, experimenting without the commercial pressures of box-office success.


This year's Oscar-nominated short films are a testament to the diverse and dynamic nature of short-form storytelling. Across the categories of Animation, Documentary, and Live Action, filmmakers have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved within the constraints of time, proving that impactful stories are not bound by duration.


The Animated shorts nominated for the Oscars 2024 are:


  • Our Uniform

  • Letter to a Pig

  • Pachyderm

  • Ninety-Five Senses

  • War is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko


Our Uniform

on military uniform fabric, drawn girls printed on it

In this animated film, the narrative revolves around a young Iranian girl who delicately weaves her cherished school memories into the wrinkles and fabrics of her old uniform. This heartfelt 7-minute film takes viewers on a nostalgic journey, highlighting the profound connection between personal experiences and the physical remnants that hold the essence of our past. Through the simple yet evocative act of unfolding her uniform, the protagonist invites us to reflect on the enduring significance of the moments that shape our lives and the power of cherished memories to transcend time. 


Letter to a Pig

A girl and a big pig

This 17-minute narrative explores the depths of memory, history, and empathy, weaving a tale that bridges past and present, encouraging viewers to reflect on the lessons of history and the power of understanding. A poignant exploration of history and imagination. A Holocaust survivor shares a deeply personal letter he wrote to the pig that saved his life during those harrowing times. As his testimony echoes through a classroom, a young schoolgirl is transported into a dream where she grapples with profound questions of identity, collective trauma, and the extremes of human nature. This captivating story weaves together the past and present, inviting viewers to contemplate the enduring impact of history and the power of the human spirit to overcome unimaginable challenges.



an underwater painting where there are women with their legs extended

In this captivating short film directed by Stéphanie Clément, we enter the world of Louise, who, like every summer, spends a few precious days of vacation with her grandparents in the countryside. The idyllic setting of green grassy gardens, refreshing swims in the lake, and joyful fishing trips with Grandpa all make for cherished memories, just like Grandma's delectable strawberry pies. Yet, this year's summer takes an unexpected turn, as snow falls out of season and a mysterious event unfolds, leading to the demise of an enigmatic creature. Through this 11-minute film, viewers are invited to explore a unique and intriguing narrative that combines the elements of nature, wonder, and the unexplained.


Ninety-Five Senses

cartoon women at the hair salon with a huge hair dryer above their heads

In this beautiful animated short film, we are taken on a poignant journey through the perspective of a man who, with little time left, reflects on the profound beauty of the body's five senses. This 13-minute film serves as a heartfelt ode to the senses that enrich our lives, even in the face of limited time. As the protagonist explores the world through sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, viewers are invited to contemplate the preciousness of every sensory experience, reminding us to savor the moments that make life truly meaningful.


War is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko

a group of young people gather around a table

This narrative gem harnesses the universal language of music and animation to promote a message of peace and unity, echoing the timeless calls of its inspiring sources. Inspired by the Music of John and Yoko," director Dave Mullins transports viewers to an alternate reality where a senseless World War I continues to rage on. Amidst the chaos, two soldiers, representing opposite sides of the conflict, engage in an unexpected and poignant game of chess. Their moves are carried by a heroic carrier pigeon soaring over the battlefield, as the fighting escalates around them. This 11-minute short film serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring human spirit and the universal desire for peace, even amid the most dire circumstances. Inspired by the music of John and Yoko, it explores the idea that amidst the chaos of war, there is always room for hope and connection.


Short Documentary Category: 


  • The ABCs of Book Banning 

  • The Barber of Little Rock

  • Island in Between

  • The Last Repair Shop

  • Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó


The ABCs of Book Banning 

two girls with a book read in class

This captivating documentary delves into a concerning trend in American school districts, where over 2000 books have been removed from educational curricula. This documentary explores the human toll that depriving children of their right to read and learn about the complexities of the world may exact in the future. Through insightful interviews with affected children and authors, the film sheds light on the perilous precedent set by ongoing book bans, emphasizing the importance of preserving the freedom to explore diverse perspectives and ideas in education.


The Barber of Little Rock

an enthusiastic young man speaks to us from his business

This entertaining documentary delves into the pressing issue of America's expanding racial wealth gap. This compelling 35-minute documentary focuses on the remarkable journey of Arlo Washington, a local barber with a visionary commitment to fostering economic justice. At the heart of his mission lies the People Trust, a nonprofit community bank he founded, embodying his visionary approach to creating a more equitable economy. Through Arlo's inspiring story, the film sheds light on the challenges, triumphs, and enduring spirit of individuals dedicated to addressing systemic disparities in pursuit of a fairer future


Island in Between

a cannon points at an island at sunset

This thought-provoking piece offers a lyrical and contemplative perspective from the frontlines of Taiwan amid escalating tensions with China. This 20-minute documentary weaves together poetic glimpses of local life with the filmmaker's journey of navigating complex and ambivalent connections to Taiwan, China, and the United States. As it delves into the fabric of Taiwan's uneasy peace and contemplates its uncertain future, "Island in Between" invites viewers to reflect on the intricate dynamics that shape this pivotal island's identity and its place in the world.


The Last Repair Shop

a girl smiles at the sky

This original documentary directed by Kris Bowers and Ben Proudfoot, shines a spotlight on four unsung heroes dedicated to ensuring that every student has access to the profound joy of music. This captivating 39-minute documentary not only highlights their selfless efforts but also serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of music. In a world where it has become the best medicine, a source of stress relief, and an escape from the clutches of poverty, these remarkable individuals exemplify the boundless impact that music can have on lives, offering a heartwarming testament to the enduring spirit of human kindness and the universal language of melody.


Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó

a couple lying and wrapped up in a bed

This insightful documentary invites viewers into a heartwarming and hilarious world where Nǎi Nai and Wài Pó, both grandmothers, join forces to create an unforgettable grandma super team. These spirited and lively grandmas defy conventions as they dance, stretch, and even share some comical moments of flatulence, using laughter as their ultimate remedy for life's challenges. This delightful 16-minute short film celebrates the unique bond between generations and reminds us all of the joy found in embracing life's quirks and sorrows with a touch of humor and a lot of love.


Live Action Categories: Reflections of Reality


  • The After

  • Invincible

  • Knight of Fortune

  • Red, White and Blue

  • The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar


The After

a man with a beard looks at the sky

This amazing film delves into the intensity of grief and redemption through the lens of a rideshare driver navigating the depths of sorrow. When he picks up a mysterious passenger, their unexpected encounter becomes a catalyst for the driver to confront his haunting past. This gripping 18-minute short film explores the power of human connection and the potential for healing as it takes viewers on an emotionally charged journey through the complexities of loss and redemption.



a young boy with his head down

Directed by Vincent René-Lortie, this gripping Canadian short film delves into the human spirit's resilience and strength. As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a transformative journey, exploring themes of determination, self-discovery, and the unwavering power of the human soul. In a riveting 30-minute narrative, the film challenges our perceptions and leaves us inspired by the indomitable spirit of its characters.


Knight of Fortune

an older man with a white beard walks through a hallway

In this impressive short film, Karl grapples with the overwhelming weight of grief and the loss of a loved one. Haunted by memories and facing the daunting prospect of confronting a yellowing sky and a chilling coffin, he finds himself at a crossroads. Can Karl summon the courage to confront his darkest fears and embrace the future, or will he remain ensnared by the shadows of his past? In this emotionally charged 25-minute drama, director Lasse Lyskjær Noer takes us on a poignant journey of self-discovery and healing.


Red, White and Blue

the waitress takes the order from a table

This captivating film, set in the USA, offers a poignant look at themes of identity, belonging, and the complexities of the American experience. Rachel (played by Brittany Snow) faces the challenges of being a single parent, struggling to make ends meet on a tight budget. Her life takes an unexpected turn when an unplanned pregnancy jeopardizes her already precarious financial situation. Faced with limited options, Rachel embarks on a courageous journey, crossing state lines in pursuit of a vital abortion that becomes a symbol of her determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Director Nazrin Choudhury masterfully portrays a poignant story of one woman's pursuit of reproductive rights, highlighting the complexities and hurdles faced by many in today's society.


The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar

the elite enjoy the casino game

In this original short film, the whimsical world of Wes Anderson, weaves together an eclectic tapestry of tales, with the central narrative following the enigmatic Henry Sugar. Henry possesses a remarkable ability to peer through objects and foresee the future, all thanks to a stolen book that holds secrets beyond imagination. As this enchanting story unfolds, viewers are treated to a series of charming and extraordinary vignettes that explore the quirks, dreams, and aspirations of the delightful characters who inhabit Anderson's uniquely enchanting universe.



The Oscar-nominated short films of 2024 are a celebration of storytelling, creativity, and the human experience. They remind us that art, in any form, has the power to connect, to challenge, and to change. As we immerse ourselves in these stories, let us remember the words of Jean-Luc Godard: "Cinema is truth 24 frames per second," and in the brevity of short films, perhaps, that truth shines even brighter.


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