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Nov. 25, 2019

Here at Guidedoc we are lovers of all kinds of documentaries, which is why we have recently achieved an alliance with the UN to bring their award-winning series of short documentaries UN In Action to our platform.

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UN In Action is a documentary series composed of numerous short episodes that document the work of the United Nations and its agencies worldwide.

With a duration between 3 to 5 minutes, each episode of UN In Action focuses on a specific topic and region of the planet where the United Nations carries out pacification plans or programs aimed at fighting poverty and human rights violations.


Among the issues addressed in the series there is the report from Lebanon about the UN interim force to demine a strip of that country's border with Israel known as the "Blue Line."

Other episodes show the UN's efforts to alleviate the drought crisis in Somalia or the portrait of two panda cubs that were selected by the institution as its first animal ambassadors to spread the Word about the Sustainable Development Goals.


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