Three recent documentaries that unmasked large corporations

Aug. 2, 2018

Since their begining, documentary films have been weapons of men to fight against the powerful. Sometimes linked to militant movements or used by activist groups to document the irrational practices of those who believe they are untouchable, the documentary has always been successful in its aim.

Guidedoc brings you three recent examples of films that have unveiled the dark side of large multinational corporations. In case you didn't now, GuideDoc is a global curated documentary streaming platform. Watch the world's best award-winning docs from around the world. We have new movies every day.


"Bananas" by Fredik Gertten



Released in 2009, this documentary follows the lawyer Juan Dominguez in his fight to win a lawsuit against the world's largest agricultural corporation, Dole Food. Behind Dominguez are ten thousand Nicaraguan banana workers who were affected by banned pesticides that were used following the corporation's orders. A narrative that overflows in suspense shows us the different obstacles that Dominguez and the workers have to face in this David and Goliat battle. The documentary also reveals the deaths and health damages the banana workers have suffered because of these pesticides, a phenomenon that occurs not only in Central America but that are made invisible in various ways by these corporations.


"Big Boys Gone Bananas" by Fredik Gertten



Fredik Gertten and his producer Margarete Jangard thought that after finishing their film "Bananas", the risk of retaliation by Dole Food had passed. But nothing could be further from reality. The shooting of "Big Boys Gone Bananas" began just before the imminent release of "Bananas" at the Los Angeles International Film Festival in 2009, when the organization informed the filmmakers of the pressures put by the agricultural corporation to get the film out of the official competition. From that moment on, a battle began for the filmmaker's right to freedom of expression. Threatened by the corporation and seeing the distribution of the film blocked by an incisive discredit campaign in the media, Fredrik and his producer decides to fight back and sue the company, in what will later become a historical legal case. 

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"Trading Paradise" by Daniel Schweizer



In this documentary, the intrepid Swiss filmmaker Daniel Schweizer focuses on the practices of the commodity multinationals in three different parts of the world. Through these journeys, we meet several characters that have a direct impact on these activities: workers, social activists and entrepreneurs. As the film unfolds, Schweizer makes visible the serious environmental and human damages these multinationals leave behind in their path, thus opening a great international debate about their legal future. The film follows the story of two representative companies, Glencore and Vale, both international giants and leading players in this market, and also that of the NGOs attempting to initiate dialogue with the multinationals and political authorities in order to swiftly find solutions.


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