Three of the best food docs

April 6, 2016

Food, Inc. by Robert Kenner (2008)



It was about time (well, the doc is from 2008) that someone put the US food industry against the wall and showed us what lies behind it. A reality that remains covered not only by the Government but by the healthcare agencies and all those corporations that benefit from the supply chain and other parts of the process.

By interviewing farmers, we discover the agreement clauses with big corporations. Companies dictate how animals should be feed and raised, and how we should grow and cultivate plants, most of the times with unethical and abusive methods. And if it is not true, why steaks are bigger and bigger? Why does a tomato never go bad?

Food, Inc directed by Robert Kenner that will open your eyes and probably close your stomach.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi by David Gelb (2011)



If you are passionate about Japanese food you cannot miss Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Jiro is considered the best sushi chef of the world. What is his secret? The pursuit of perfection through repetition.

He is the only sushi chef with three Michelin stars, and far from having a fancy restaurant, his local only has room for ten people and it is located in a subway station of Tokyo. Of course, reservation is required well in advance and it is not cheap — 15 minutes there can cost about 300 euros.

The Sushi Guru is still seeking for perfection at his age (85 years old), and his little sanctuary is the mecca pilgrimage for the fanatics of this kind of food. Directed by David Gelb, the documentary is exquisite for the five senses, not just the taste.

What if I told you that you could know what lies behind the stoves of the best cooks in the world? The finest international cuisine open its doors to the public from the most personal way to the most secret culinary details and the professional challenges that the greatest face every day.

Chef's Table

Chef’s table is a Netflix documentary series also directed by David Gelb that explains the daily lives of chefs like Bottura, Barber, Nakayama, Shewry, Nilsson and Mallmann, among others. If you are a fan of *la grande cuisine*, you’ll probably already know who they are. And if that is not the case, go now and discover it with your own eyes.

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