Three documentaries about theater and circus to watch online

Oct. 24, 2019

Everything can happen on stage, and the following theater visionaries are an example of the transformative power of this ancient art. Guidedoc invites you to watch online the following three documentaries about theater and circus.

Mummenschanz Movie by Ueli Mamin


First, body, and then dialogue. First rupture, then status quo. These are premises that can only barely sketch the revolutionary creative explosion of the Swiss theater company Mummenschanz on stage. The documentary describes the anatomy of this group with more than forty years giving an unequaled experience to audiences worldwide.

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Adolphe Appia, visionary of the invisible by Louis Mouchet


Since the use he gives to the painted decorations instead of luminous projections, Adolphe Appia, a revolutionary Swiss scenographer and theater theoretician, marks a breaking point in the concept of theatrical space. This documentary short film rescues his work for the new generations.

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Lucky Devils by Verena Endtner

The forgotten children of St. Petersburg, those who live on the streets of this historic city, have a hope to leave their abandonment behind: the circus. This documentary follows the small half-orphan Danja and hundreds of children who are now part of the Upsala Circus, which seeks to help these children embrace a new life through performing arts.

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