Three curious documentaries about photography

Nov. 26, 2019

The following three documentaries show us two great pair of eyes and a unique photographic technique. The films, all available online on Guidedoc, make a curious and inspiring triptych about photography.

Still Holding Still by Sara Vanagt


This beautiful experimental short film brings to the present a technique used by 19th-century photographers to portray little children.

The practice was to hide the mother of the infants among the set decoration to hold her children still during the long exposure time that was needed at that time to impregnate the photographic paper.

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In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter by Tomas Leach


A renowned member of the New York photography school, Saul Leiter died shortly after filming this documentary feature that takes us into his modest apartment in New York.

Searching through the photographs that swarm through the recesses of his residence, Leiter tells us about his career and his way of seeing life through the viewfinder of a camera.

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Walter Pfeiffer Chasing Beauty by Iwan Schumacher


Despite his 70 years of age, Swiss photographer Walter Pfeiffer continues to be at the forefront of art and fashion photography.

This documentary makes a portrait of his forty years of artistic work through the testimony of models and close friends who have worked with him during this prolific time.


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