The best documentary movies on all your devices, finally

Aug. 14, 2016

After more than a year of work, we are about to launch our new apps for documentary lovers. Finally GuideDoc users will be able to enjoy movies directly on our platform.

During the last few months, our team has been selecting what we consider the best films. Documentaries with the capacity of turning anyone into a lover of the genre. Both old and new but made from love for film; the ones that had some kind of impact or a true blockbusters; talking about hot topics or discovering us little stories; festival trotters or hidden gems. We are choosy because we want to always amaze our spectators, avid consumers of the genre and with no time to waste. We only have an essential requirement: to be good documentaries made by professionals that know how to tell stories.

GuideDoc is a great community of people crazy for documentaries and with users worldwide, and we have now created for them a platform they deserve and that they have been waiting for.

Welcome to reality.

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