5 Must-see documentaries about beauty and fashion

Sept. 4, 2017

The search for the ideal beauty is the common journey in the following documentaries. How much our appearance matters? And how much does it say about ourselves? Guidedoc invites you to watch and discover.

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It's in the Sky by Sarah Domogala (2014)



In this Fashion Documentary Film, Dutch filmmaker Sarah Domogala travels in search of answers to the changing world of Western women's clothing today. What begins as an exploration about transforming your own personal liking for an outfit becomes an interesting inquiry into the world of fashion trend. Through interviews to ordinary women and experts which take place in Amsterdam, Paris, London or New York, the filmmaker looks for answers to the questions of thousands of women who seek to represent with their clothes the transversal energy they evoke as mothers, professionals, lovers and dreamers at the same time. 


Next by Elia Urkiza (2015)



Director Elia Urkiza gives us direct access to the side of Hollywood that we did not know. Hundreds of girls and teenagers from all over the United States flock to California to join casting agencies and talent workshops in their desire to become a Hollywood star. Whether in acting or singing classes, or hosting a newscast just for kids, in this film we accompany several characters during their arduous rehearsal sessions. From this observational approach, we become confidants of the aspirations of the protagonists and get to know a consolidated economy that operates thanks to dreams of beauty and fame that Hollywood promotes.


Richard Avedon, Darkness and Light by Helene Whitney (1996)



Richard Avedon’s secret on how to photograph the human beauty is unveiled in this beautiful documentary. The magician behind iconic fashion pictures published in magazines like Vogue and Life, in which he photographed such personalities as Marylin Monroe, the Kennedys or the Duchess and Duke of Windsor, tells us his own method of creation and the ideas and images that inspire him throughout his life. The most interesting thing about this film, which is full of confidences told by Avedon himself, is the opportunity to discover a deeply human side of fashion photography in the words of a man with the undeniable gift of capturing beauty.


Maximum Pleasure by Katarzyna Trzaska (2014)



Four Polish women in the autumn of their lives are the picturesque protagonists of this entertaining documentary. All of them have something in common: they are addicted to buying beauty products like automatic massage beds or gym equipments to exercise at home. In an observational approach full of humor and quotidian moments, director Katarzyna Trzaska brings together these picturesque women to build a documentary that rests on seemingly superficial conversations. Ironically, the dialogues only reveal the underground conflict: the intrinsic loneliness and boredom that comes with the autum of their lives.


Hair India by Raffaele Brunetti and Marco Leopardi (2008)



Amid a crowd of men and women of all ages, an Indian woman with a shaved head gives her hair during the sacred ceremony she assists. After her religious gesture, the faithful woman will not know where her hair will end up. In Hair India we will witness the unpredictable journey of that hair until it becomes an expensive and precious product for the women of the West. Our journey through this process of transformation offers us a reflection on the cultural differences of two hemispheres where religious faith and beauty prototypes are at the mercy of the current globalization.

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