The Journey of the GOAT: Top 10 Documentaries of Messi

Sept. 13, 2023

“Football is a game of inches, and Lionel Messi is a master of maximizing every single one." - Sir Alex Ferguson


In the world of football, few names are as synonymous with greatness as Lionel Messi. Dubbed the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) by fans and critics alike, the Argentine forward has had a career that most can only dream of. From his humble beginnings in Rosario, Argentina, to his meteoric rise at Barcelona F.C., and now a new chapter with Inter Miami, Messi’s journey has been nothing short of cinematic. As a result, it is no surprise that his life and career have been the subject of various documentaries and docuseries. These films not only showcase his extraordinary skills on the pitch but also delve into the man behind the legend.

Lionel Messi's journey is one of hard work, determination, and unparalleled talent. From being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child to becoming the GOAT, his story is inspirational. Over the years, numerous documentaries and docuseries have been produced to provide a glimpse into Messi’s life, career, and the challenges he has faced along the way. These films capture his evolution from a young boy with a dream to a global superstar, detailing his time at Barcelona F.C., his international career with Argentina, and his recent move to Inter Miami. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Show, and YouTube, as well as on-demand services like Guidedoc, have made these films accessible to fans around the world.


Ballon d'Or: Messi has won the Ballon d'Or multiple times, making him one of the most decorated players in football history.


a bearded man and part of a horned goat


Apple TV+ will produce for a new six-part documentary from Smuggler Entertainment, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Lionel Messi. The soccer player is considered the greatest of all time in a sport that demands the devotion of five billion fans around the world, as he makes his United States debut in Major League Soccer. The currently untitled documentary is produced by Emmy Award winner Tim Pastore ('Free Solo'), Emmy and Tony Award winners Patrick Milling Smith and Brian Carmody, and Emmy Award winner Matt Renner ('Free Solo ') from Smuggler Entertainment, opposite Scott Boggins ('The Circus'). The series is produced for Apple by Smuggler Entertainment.


The documentaries and docuseries about Messi not only serve as a testament to his incredible talent but also as a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes. Like the documentary Fly Away, we have two best friends, teenagers and they play football in the most prestigious club of the city: the DJOLIBA. They both dream of going to Europe to become professionals and play against Lionel Messi. But, to each, destiny reserves a different fate.  

Messi's filmography is a reminder that even in the face of adversity, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Moreover, these films provide a window into the life of a man who, despite his global fame, remains somewhat of an enigma. They reveal the person behind the player, offering insights into his mindset, his motivations, and the challenges he has faced both on and off the field.


Ten Most Important Documentaries and Docuseries About Messi:


  • Messi

  • Take the Ball, Pass the Ball

  • Barça Dreams

  • Argentina National Team, the series - Road to Qatar

  • World's Greatest Footballers: Messi

  • Lionel Messi: The Greatest

  • Messi vs. Ronaldo: The Battle for Supremacy

  • Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona

  • This is Football

  • The rise of Lionel Messi



a smiling young boy sitting on some stairs with a soccer ball

This gripping documentary, directed by Álex de la Iglesia, features interviews with journalists, footballers, and Messi's former coaches and teammates. It explores Messi's childhood in Rosario, his move to Barcelona as a teenager, and his rise to become one of the greatest football players of all time.


Take the Ball, Pass the Ball

4 professional footballers with their red and blue uniforms

The period depicted in this documentary is of monumental significance. Focuses on the era of Barcelona F.C. under the management of Pep Guardiola, during which the club enjoyed unprecedented success, and Messi emerged as the world's best player. The film features interviews with players, staff, and journalists who witnessed this golden era.


Barça Dreams

a soccer team surrounds its coach who gives instructions in a suit and tie

This exciting documentary provides a history of Barcelona F.C. and features interviews with many of the club's past and present stars, including Messi. It explores the club's philosophy, its famous La Masia academy, and the role Messi has played in its recent success. Available on YouTube.


Argentina National Team, the series - Road to Qatar

the players of a soccer team walking

The Argentine National Team prepares for the World Cup and opens the doors to its back room. The Qualifiers, the Copa América, the Finalissima, and the preparation for Qatar, as never seen before in this captivating documentary


World's Greatest Footballers: Messi

a bearded man raising one arm with a clenched fist

This incredible documentary provides an in-depth look at Messi's career, from his early days in Rosario to his success with Barcelona F.C. and the Argentine national team. It features interviews with football experts, coaches, and former teammates. 


Lionel Messi: The Greatest

a bearded man kicks the ball

Securing an unprecedented six Ballon d'Or titles, Lionel Messi has repeatedly demonstrated why he's unanimously revered as the greatest footballer of all time. Even at 35, an age where many athletes see decline, Messi continues to dazzle the world with his world-class performances, solidifying his status as the most decorated and enduring player in the history of the sport.

Messi vs. Ronaldo: The Battle for Supremacy

two soccer players walk on opposite paths

In the realm of football, the discourse surrounding the greatest player often bifurcates into two prominent factions. Pose the question to a hundred soccer aficionados, and it's likely half will champion Cristiano Ronaldo, while the other half will advocate for Lionel Messi. This unparalleled documentary delves deep into the artistry, prowess, and skills of these two titans, offering a comprehensive analysis of their on-field wizardry. Featuring impassioned testimonials from die-hard supporters, insights from esteemed experts, and a rigorous debate evaluating the supremacy of each player, this documentary aims to settle, or at least elucidate, the ongoing debate about who truly reigns supreme in contemporary football.

Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona

man posing

This eight-episode docuseries, chronicling the club's journey throughout the 2018-2019 season, promises to transport these singular moments straight to living rooms across the globe.


This is Football

a wall painted with several emblematic soccer characters

An emotionally charged six-part documentary exploring the extraordinary impact of soccer on the world. From the streets of Delhi to the fields of post-war Rwanda, to the pitches of the Champions League, this global series tells a unique story of the game and its power to unite countries, inspire generations, and captivate billions.


The Rise of Lionel Messi 



This enthralling documentary series chronicles the astonishing ascent of Lionel Messi, from his modest origins in Rosario to his status as one of the most venerated footballers of our time. The first episode delves into his rapid advancement through Newell's Old Boys and his captivating move to Barcelona, offering a close-up glimpse of the individual behind the myth. With its fervent tone and striking aesthetic, 'The Rise of Lionel Messi' is a true masterpiece that extols the splendor of football.


Lionel Messi’s journey from Rosario to Barcelona and now Inter Miami has been one of triumph, challenges, and sheer brilliance. The numerous documentaries and docuseries chronicling his journey provide a window into the life of a man who has, against all odds, risen to the pinnacle of success. They serve as a source of inspiration, a testament to the power of determination, and a celebration of a career that has captivated football fans around the world.


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