Four documentaries about post-war life stories

Oct. 10, 2017

When the battle ends, peace and its tense calm is an ambiguous territory where men reflect on the horrors of war. Guidedoc presents four unmissable documentaries that will make us meditate on the traces left by armed conflicts in the souls of memorable characters.

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The Succesor by Mattia Epifani (2016)



Having recently inherited the landmine Factory that once belonged to his father, Italian Vitto Alfieri has been feeling the ravages of guilt. Traveling to Sarajevo, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a place where the ghost of war is still hovering around, becomes a healing opportunity for his soul. There he meets a paralympic skier who lost one of his legs after having stepped on one of the thousands of mines that remain buried in that territory, which were built by Vitto’s factory. Two men distanced by geography and innocence meet face to face as what they are. Simple human beings.


There was fire at the center of the earth by Bernhard Hetzenauer (2016)



At age 98, Vera Kohn, a Czech actress, therapist and psychologist residing in South America, continues to use the content of her dreams to dig deep into her soul. In this documentary, young German filmmaker Bernhard Hetzenauer becomes a guest of her small house in Quito in order to film a war documentary film about two people in search of answers about a past marked by the war. On the one hand there is Vera, a woman who left her country and family escaping the Nazis. On the other, there is Bernhard, a descendant of a Nazi general.


My Enemy My Brother by Ann Shin (2014)



In this short documentary film, directed by Canadian filmmaker Ann Shin, there is a two-handed narrative told in the very voices of two ex-combatants from different sides who make a trip to an episode of the Iran-Iraq war in the eighties. On one hand, the Iranian teenager Zahed Haftlang, only thirteen years old, is enrolled in his country's army to dig large graves where to bury enemy corpses. On the other, the nineteen-year-old Iraqi soldier, Najah Aboud survives the explosion of a missile that falls on his bunker, in the front line of battle. In My enemy, my brother, we will see the inevitable encounter between these two men, who will achieve, in the clashes of war, an unimaginable brotherhood.


My Friend the Enemy by Wanda Koscia (2014)



In the middle of World War II, the then Polish town of Volhynia was the center of the struggle of the Soviet and Nazi armies until finally becoming part of Ukraine. In 1943, a crusade of Ukrainian nationalists killed hundreds of people in their attempt to disappear the Polish population from these lands. In this documentary, director Wanda Koscia accompanies a group of Poles who in 2014 return with their families to the lands that belonged to them in the past, a place where horror gravitates in the image of gleaming meadows and calm rivers. A friendly narrative allows us to locate the viewer in time and space to appreciate in the present how the people of Volhynia and the new generations value the union between Poles and Ukranians like never before.

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