5 documentaries to watch on vacation

Aug. 27, 2017

A whortwhile vacation includes going to fantastic places and experiencing fascinating stories. GuideDoc brings you these five documentaries to calm your craving for discovery during those breaks our trip gives us.

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Fall and Winter by Matt Anderson (2013)



With its stunning photography, Fall and Winter is a beautiful cinematic essay about the extraordinary consequences of human life on nature. The experience of seeing this film is like that of a peaceful journey through the beautiful and isolated landscapes of the United States, where several experts on the subject make us see the imbalances caused in the ecosystem by human civilization; but also the infinite possibilities of regeneration of our relationship with mother earth. Far from hypnotizing us with the grandeur of the images and the concepts that are discussed, the film is an eye-opening document that invites us to renew our way of life and put our mind and body in a new, more harmonious way of living with our surroundings.


Pura Vida by Pablo Iraburu (2012)



Mountain climber Iñaki Ochoa is stranded on the heights of Mount Annapurna in the Himalayas, and the adventure of his ascent to the south face of this majestic mountain is documented by his own video camera, as we will see in the first minutes of the film. Pura Vida takes us around the world so that the members of the rescue team, all comrades of Ochoa, tell us the details of what would be one of the greatest rescue operations in the history of alpinism. Like in a thriller film, tension is always present regarding the fortune of our dying mountaineer. The testimonies of his faithful companions are thosethat, as in a puzzle; assemble the identity of Ochoa, an honest, courageous man who loves to live an harmonious relationship with the wild nature.


Springtime by Christopher Farnarier (2012)



The calm and cloudy landscapes of the Serra Cavallera, in Catalonia, are the green canvas where the men and women of the small town of Ripollés engender their ancestral relationship with nature. In Springtime we followe Carme, a local villager, during the hard work done daily at the foot of the mountains. As spectators, we feel like newcomers who observe the daily rite taking place in this common yet wonderful place. Finding a magical gesture in the sowing of new seeds or in the leadership of a shepherd over his sheep is an easy virtue thanks to the beautifully photographed frames that remind us of those provincial paintings of the Barbizon school.


Surire by Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff (2015)



The Salar of Surire Natural Monument, located in northern Chile, is the star of this contemplative and beautiful documentary. A vast, cold, isolated place that instead of being openly hostile is full of life, with a variety of flora and fauna and constant economic and touristic activity. With a decidedly calm rhythm, Surire keeps us in front of the screen thanks to the preciousness of each shot. Centered on the life of an elderly Aymara couple in this unique place in the world, the result is a film with a unique texture. In the foreground there is the forms of nature: llamas, flamingos and vicuñas as they wander around their habitat, while in the background gravitates the threat of the exploitation from the machines of modern developmentalism. 


SlingShot by Paul Lazarus (2014)



The inventor of the Segway, Dean Kamen, opens the doors of his life to tell us all about his new invention: a machine capable of producing drinking water. What looks like a miracle becomes concrete and accessible in the words of Kamen, who gives us free access to the most intricate passageways of his huge house and the spacious and neat spaces of his laboratories. But after making incredible advances in medical and health technologies, Kamen's big dream of bringing clean water to the world's most needy regions will not be an easy goal. His miracle machine will have to face the realities inherent in regions of Africa and Central America, where the cultural differences will be a major obstacle. The best thing about Slingshot is not only to be part of the adventure of Kamen, but also to enter the life of a man who knows no limits to innovation.

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